What can you learn from Jordan Spieth?

How many times have you gone to the first tee after just a few stretches?  Probably more times that not. How important is it to be consistent in your warm up?  Probably more important that you think.  If a consistent warm-up routine is important to the #1 player in the world, it should be equally as important to each of us.  Check out below for the warm-up that the #1 player in the world, Jordan Spieth uses every time he plays:

Jordan Spieth arrives 1 hr and 15 minutes before his set tee time. Jordan always starts his warm-up on the putting green. Why is it important that he is starting his warm-up on the putting green?  The putting stroke is a smooth stroke and requires a good tempo.  A good tempo is also very important in your full swing.  By first starting on the putting green, you have already started getting your body for full swings by warming up.  It may not seem like much of a warm-up but it will help more than you may think. Jordan finds a short putt that is straight-in and hits 12 putts using his alignment sticks as aids. Jordan then hits twelve 4 and 7 foot putts from four different locations around the hole.
With 60 minutes left and after hitting thirty six putts, Jordan heads to the range for a full swing warm-up.
Jordan starts his full swing warm-up with hitting seventeen 60* wedges followed by seven 56* degree wedges.Jordan is now moving into more full swings as he hits eight pitching wedges, seven 8 irons which he records and looks at this swing.  After the 8 irons, Jordan hits eight 6 irons, three 4 irons, and five hybrids.  After the hybrids Jordan hits six 3 woods and then hits four drivers.

With about 25 minutes left before his tee time, Jordan heads to the chipping green where he hits 9 chip shots then 8 bunker shots.  With about 15 minutes left, Jordan heads back to the putting green where he hits around 21 more putts from varying lengths and then he heads to the first tee.

Jordan does this every time he plays in an event.  If getting into a consistent routine is this important for him, maybe it’s time we should all try and get into a better warm-up routine. One size does not fit all, so Jordan’s routine may work for some of you and some it may not.
The important thing is for you to find what works best for you.

Please let us know what your warm-up routine is and check back next week for some dynamic stretching tips to help warm your body up before any physical activity.


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