ES 15 Range

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Technology and the driving range have come together

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See your Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor,Distance, and Spin Rate instantly.

About the ES15

The ES15 Range is a sophisticated bay divider, developed with the entire golfing community in mind – from beginner to pro – regardless of their level of play.  Ernest Sports knows that all golfers have one goal in common:  to learn and to improve their game of golf.  And what better way to improve than to know your numbers – the Distance you hit each club; the Speed of the Ball, and the Speed of the Club; the Spin Rate of your ball; the Launch Angle of the ball; and Smash Factor – the ratio between club head speed and ball speed.  These 6 data points – Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, and Smash Factor – work together to present an overall picture of how you play your game and where you need work to improve your game.

The ES15 Range captures all 6 of the above data points and displays them instantly on two large LCD screens after each shot.  Seeing your results instantly gives a better understanding of your efforts.  But Ernest Sports didn’t stop there.  The ES15 Range is equipped with Bluetooth technology which enables each golfer to pair a smart device with the ES15 Range and record all data produced during a practice session.  And the best part is that the app is free – no fees or yearly charges.

Another outstanding feature of the ES15 Range is the opportunity to customize the panels on the product.  Each club or facility can have their own brand displayed on two areas, each 30”wide and 15” high, truly large enough to be clearly seen and read. This ad space could be rented by local advertisers which would produce a monthly revenue stream.  Another source of revenue is to charge for the use of the ES15 Range.  Ernest Sports offers an optional Remote Control Key Fob that puts the club manager in charge of when and how long each ES15 Range is used.

This range bay divider was designed for every type of golf range and hitting bay, both covered and open.  The ES15 Range may be used on grass, installed on artificial turf as well as wooden or cement flooring.  With minimum assembly and a 140 hour rechargeable battery, the ES15 Range will bring information as well as excitement to each golf facility.  Now every golfer can Know Your Distance with the ES15 Range by Ernest Sports.



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