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About the ES14es14_600

Ernest Sports is proud to present the ES14 – a sophisticated, information packed, portable launch monitor developed for golf professionals, golf instructors, and serious golfers who desire to take their golf game to the next level.  After the development of the ES12 and its instant success, Ernest Sports was asked by professionals in the industry to produce a portable launch monitor that offered more statistics than ball speed and distance.  Ernest Sports not only listened, but produced.  The ES14 is the result.  This portable launch monitor shows golfers club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, and distance on each shot hit.


The six factors concerning each shot are displayed on a large, programmable screen.  The LCD shows 3 of the 6 factors, then automatically scrolls over to display the remaining 3 factors.  This information will switch from screen to screen until the next shot is hit.  The display may also be programmed to show the information from 3 up to 10 seconds, allowing an instructor time to comment on the shot.  And the ES14 idle time may be programmed for up to 60 minutes

(1 Hour), again allowing an instructor to spend time with students.  Other programmable features include altitude settings; the choice between yards or meters, as well as carry or total distances; and loft settings. Shipped with the ES14 is a quick start pamphlet and a guide that shows correct ball placement.


Just like the ES12, the ES14 also comes with a free application, providing five ways to view data.  View one displays data in a circular setting, with one statistic highlighted in the center. The second view presents range data in columns.  The third view displays a full range session.  The fourth view enables you to connect your smart device to a TV monitor through an HDMI cable.  And by adding a small projector, your teaching area is turned into a golf studio, enhancing the teaching experience for both golfer and instructor. The last view is a composite view of club averages based on range sessions.  Data is easily emailed through this free app, making it simple for golf coaches to aid students in their practices sessions.


Accuracy, afford-ability as well as portability make the ES14 the ideal instrument for every professional, instructor, and serious golfer.  Combined with the free app, professional golfers and instructors, as well as their students will see improvement in their golf games immediately.  Now you can Practice With A Purpose and KNOW YOUR DISTANCE.


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