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The ES12 is a portable launch monitor developed for golfers of all levels – novice to pro.  Based on Doppler radar, the unit displays the ball speed and distance of each shot instantly on an LCD screen.  This easy-to-use launch monitor fits into your golf bag and is encased in a durable rubber boot.   The ES12 works on a regular 9 volt battery, allowing up to 17 hours of use.  Other features include selecting meters or yards, adjusting for altitude, selecting Total or Carry and much more.

The ES12 also comes with a free application which connects directly to the device via Bluetooth, providing audible, as well as visible information on each completed shot.  The free app tracks and stores each shot when hit, then enables the information to be recalled either by club selection, range session, club averages, or club gapping.

Different range sessions can be compared, making it easy to see how the golfer is progressing. Information can be emailed to a coach or instructor (or a golfing buddy) for quick feedback on the practice session.  The free app also includes club gapping, side-by-side video, suggested club selection, and a skills challenge.

This pint-sized launch monitor was introduced to the golf community in 2012 and was awarded the Best New Product of the Year at the 2012 PGA Show.  Not only is the ES12 accurate and reliable, but is very affordable.

Now every golfer can Know Your Distance and Practice with a Purpose.


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