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    Why do golfers need a launch monitor?


    downloadA launch monitor provides vital information about your golf game.  By  knowing every aspect of you swing and ball flight thru club speed, ball speed, distance, smash factor, spin rate and launch angle, you can analyze your numbers and improve your golf swing.

    By receiving INSTANT and audible  feedback, every level of player can receive his or her stats from our PORTABLE launch monitor for every club hit anywhere: indoors, outdoors, into a net, on the range, or on the course.  Ernest Sports uses the latest radar technology to immediately learn critical numbers to help you develop a powerful, consistent swing.

    Tested extensively among the highest-end devices, Ernest Sports portable launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to provide and record stats such as ball distance and speed, club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rate.

    Best of all, Ernest Sports' engineers have achieved their most important mission:  to provide an extremely accurate launch monitor at the lowest price on the market.  Now every golfer can afford to train like a Pro.

    Data. Side-by-side comparisons Club Test / Review The Session Review screen provides the fitter with a side-by-side comparison of the shot data of up to six different club test.  On screen navigation allows the fitter to save, edit, view graphs, or email the session to the customer.