Pre-round warmup: How to stretch for the best golf

Pre-round warmup: Stretching

When it comes to a pre-round warmup what do you normally do?  If you are like 99% of the golfing population you do what is called a static stretch.  A static stretch is a stretch that you will hold for up to 30 seconds at a time.  While static stretches are good for your body, they are not good for your golf game if used pre-round.

To play better golf, pre-round you should use dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretching is ideal prior to any exercise because it prepares the joints for movement and gets the muscles prepared for optimal activation.

So what is dynamic stretching? 

Dynamic stretching are active movements of muscle that bring forth a stretch but are not held in the end position.

Next time you go out, here is a dynamic warmup to try:

Jumping Jacks: 25 reps

jumping jacks

Inch worms:  10 reps

Start in pushup position and walk your feet as close to your hands as possible.  When you can’t go any further, stop and walk your hands out in front of you to return to a pushup.  Come down on your stomach and arch your back for a spine stretch.

Inch worm

Standing Leg Swings: 12 reps each side

A) Stand sideways next to a wall and swing your outside leg forward and back, increasing the height each time.

standing leg swings

B) Stand facing a wall with your arms extended.  Lift your right leg and let it swing in front of and behind your left leg.  Increase the rang of motion each rep.  Repeat on both sides.

standing leg swings

Deep air squats: 15 reps


pre-round warmup

If you only have a few minutes before you tee off and are cold, this warmup is perfect for you.  This type warmup should also be used prior to hitting golf balls or any other type of exercise.

Once the round or practice session is finished, feel free to do all the static stretches you desire.  But remember, Dynamic stretches should be done pre-round or pre-workout.


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